Fulfillco is strategically located in the Union City in Northern California near Oakland port. Transportation of containers from the port will be significantly more cost effective. Our warehouse is secured with alarm systems making sure your inventory is safe. We palletize all your inventory making it easy and quick to move around with our forklift.

Our highly experience logistics team will always make sure your inventory is stored properly and the count is always accurate. Keeping your inventory separate and organize will make picking and packing a breeze, which also means a more cost-effective for you. When it comes to order processing speed and accuracy is key, the well-trained staff at Fulfillco will always make sure your orders are done quickly, accurately, and done right.  

We receive, store inventory you send us, and ship it in accordance with your instructions as orders arrive. We handle single or multiple items, cartons and pallets for B2B orders. With our Veracore warehouse management system, we will be able to integrate any e-commerce system you may use, like Shopify and Woocommerce. With Veracore we will be able to create a portal for you, giving you full access to your inventory and daily orders, once business closes for the day we will send you an end of day report giving you full detailed information for what we received and what we shipped.

You benefit by avoiding the expense and inconvenience of maintaining your own warehouse and from our economies scale. You remain in control, however, wherever and whenever, you will always have access to your inventory count and daily reports.