Fulfillco is located in Union City in Northern California near Oakland port. Transportation of containers from port to warehouse is significantly more cost effective. Our warehouse has a 24/7 security system making sure your inventory is safe. With 85,000 square foot of storage, we are more than capable of accommodating any large business.

Fulfillco strives for peak efficiency making order processing and inventory management are more simple and cost effective. Our highly experienced logistics team and warehouse managers will always make sure your inventory is stored efficiently and our WMS, we will be able to track, warehouse, stock staging/picking areas. Keeping your inventory organized, separated, and labeled which will always make things quick and easy for anyone to find any item. The well-trained staff at Fulfillco will always make sure each order are done quickly, accurately, and done your way.   

Fulfillco has been fulfilling orders and managing inventory for the past 18 years and we understand that our clients have special rework request regarding there inventory or concerns with returns. With our well trained staff, we will be able to do any projects or any request that our clients have.

Working with Fulfillco will let you avoid the expenses and inconvenience of maintaining your own warehouse. Let Fulfillco handle your inventory and daily orders, so that you can focus on growing your business. You remain in control, however, wherever and whenever, you will always have access to your inventory count and daily reports.